Fix the Subway Campaign: Strategy Meeting

This month, our state government took some first steps toward raising the money we will need to fix the subway. For example, a new fee on taxis and services like Uber and Lyft in Manhattan will help raise hundreds of millions of dollars to improve transit service.

This is a valuable first step, and it would not have happened without your relentless activism for better public transit. You lobbied in Albany, equipped riders with Subway Delay Action Kits, educated fellow New Yorkers on Subway civics, and much more.

You've shown that activism works and now it's time to double down on our fight to #FixTheSubway -- and we're asking you be part of it.

Join us at our upcoming strategy meeting when we learn about what was (and wasn't) in the budget for transit riders and strategize our next steps for holding Governor Cuomo and our elected leaders accountable to fix our broken transit system.

#FixTheSubway Campaign Strategy Meeting
Wednesday, April 18th | 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Riders Alliance HQ |121 6th Avenue, 6th Floor
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Food will be provided | MetroCards are available upon reques

We're still far from a real solution. Governor Cuomo needs to lay out a serious plan to fix the subway, and he needs to pass a revenue source like congestion pricing that can raise the billions of dollars we will need to make our public transit system work.

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