Mayor Bill #deBUSio:

Make New York Fairer. Improve Our Buses.

Dear Mayor Bill de Blasio:

We, the bus riders of New York City, request that you keep your promise to make New York the Fairest Big City in America by providing reliable local bus service to the more than 2 million New Yorkers who ride the bus every day.

To understand why better bus service is about equity, look no further than who is on the bus. Today, 75% of bus riders are people of color, 55% are foreign born and 12% are seniors. Prioritizing bus riders will improve their opportunities for upward mobility, and decrease social isolation. To make sure riders get where they need to go and improve the lives of over 2 million New Yorkers, we ask that you:

•    Install 100 new miles of bus lanes;
•    Provide shelters & real time info at all bus stops;
•    Expand transit signal priority;
•    Enforce bus lanes;