Governor Cuomo: Fix Our Subways!

Dear Governor Cuomo:

We, the riders of New York, demand that you fix our crumbling subways. Delays have tripled in five years as the aging system struggles to keep up with ridership. Our trains have become increasingly unreliable: we leave our homes not knowing if and when we’ll get to work, school, and other appointments.

You run the MTA – we need you to lead 6 million daily subway riders out of this crisis. We urge you to produce a credible plan to:

(1) Restore reliable subway service. Significantly reduce the number of delays.
(2) Increase capacity of our existing system. Crowding has become intolerable.
(3) Improve communication with riders. We deserve an honest estimation for length of train delays, to know what alternate routes we should take and what the MTA is doing to address the problem.
(4) Come up with and pass a fair and sustainable funding source. Establish a revenue source that protects against future service reductions and unnecessary fare hikes.