G Train Rider Survey

Please answer the questions below and tell us about your rider experience on the G train.

1. Currently, to transfer to the J/M at Lorimer or to the 9 subway lines at Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center, G train riders have to swipe again (and pay again).      
If you could transfer for free, would you transfer from the G to the J/M or the 9 lines at Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center?
2. According to the Straphangers Campaign, the G train runs less frequently and breaks down more often than most other trains.
Have you ever taken an alternate mode of transportation in order to avoid the G train? (Choose one or more)
2b. If you have had to walk to your destination or to another line, please tell us how long you have had to walk.
3. The G train is the only subway with only 4 cars. Some riders always know where the G train will stop on the platform. Other riders have to sprint to catch the G train because they do not know where it will stop.