How Should the MTA Fix the L Train Tunnels?

The MTA is planning to close the L train tunnels between Brooklyn and Manhattan to conduct important post-Sandy repairs. The closure, which would start in 2019, could take more than a year, leaving 300,000 daily riders with few options for commuting between boroughs.

The MTA has announced that they're looking into two options for how to handle the closure of the tunnels: a full closure of the L train between 8th Ave. and Bedford Ave. for 18 months, or a partial closure that would leave only one track operating trains at 20% of current capacity (with wait times of 12-15 minutes) for three years.

We also want to hear from you: what should the MTA do during the shutdown to make sure you can get around without the L? Share your creative ideas below!

Pick your top choice from the options below and tell us which option would be best for L train riders during this upcoming construction period!

1) To conduct repairs on the L train, the MTA should: